Up the River, Up the Mountain

We will invade a public building in downtown Bogotá. Once inside we will deploy small-scale paradoxical actions, à la Beistegui apartment by Le Corbusier, by knitting together windows or doors that can swiftly punctuate a corridor. Or perhaps the participants of this workshop will cling to the cracks of the building and attempt to fuse them with timber and plastic interventions that are conceived with algorithmic design processes. This appropriation of a structure in the city will allow us to interrogate one of Bogotá’s most striking features: its bizarre ad infinitum phase construction, where everything is half built and nothing is finished. All of the work will be dirty and on site within the building that we take command of. Algorithmic design and digital fabrication will influence this workshop, enabling us to shrink down the city to a manageable human scale and giving us the power to fabricate a speculative Bogotá.