HYPER|THREADS 2013, inCite galleries

This School intends to explore Computer Aided Design (CAD) as a means to enable architectural creativity whilst still responding to complex spatial and material performance constraints. In keeping with this spirit, the AA School of Architecture and Zaha Hadid Architects Computation and Design group (ZHA|CODE), will renew their collaboration to bring the fifith iteration of their workshop to Bangalore. The workshop will focus on the relations between contemporary design techniques, creative expression, software technology and its manifestation within India's emergent economy and ancient traditions of building. It also seeks to use production-proven design methods and software platforms in a judicious mix with innovative research.

This year, we are excited to extend the association with InCITE , India ,who will be our local host institute and partner as also to continue our collaboration with BSB architects, who have been instrumental in the success of the previous two versions.

We aim to continue both the exploration and streamlining of the multi-stage process of concept to physical manifestation and the agenda of exploring physics-based design methods, integration of form and structure, computational methods of optimisation for fabrication, and adaptation to local means, methods and craft .

The workshop will bring forth the wealth of knowledge the participants from previous years generated - both in design studio content and fabrication methods and processes as also that of experts from institutions such as Zaha Hadid Architects, London, AA School of Architecture, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, ETH Zurich, Sasaki Engineers Tokyo etc.

We aim to design-build a size-able prototype as part of the primary objective: ‘learning-by-doing’. The participants will be exposed to the same design tools, techniques and analysis methods as the ones used to design and build the prototype. The prototype will executed parallel to a design-studio culminating in a one-day symposium and exhibition of student work with invited guests of local and international architects and academics.