Adriana Briseño Campos MArch Dissertation

State schools in the city of San Luis Potosi are poorly constructed on very low budget. Classrooms are very densely occupied and suffer from poor indoor air quality and high internal temperatures. Among other factors, such environmental problems have a negative effect on the learning of school children. The climatic conditions of the region, characterised by large temperature differences between day and night, provide interesting design potential for improving ventilation and excess heat dissipation. These combine with the objectives of providing a safe environment, communal collaboration, well-lit spaces taking advantage of high levels of outdoor illuminance and extended outdoor and semi-outdoor teaching areas. The design proposals can be realised at low cost using local materials, such as bamboo and recycled bottles, and optimising glazing ratios without compromising daylighting. The construction of the school will allow parents, teachers and children to get involved, creating a sense of community and belonging.