All Possible Futures
Edited by Jon Sueda

Essays by Rachel Berger, Max Bruinsma, Emmet Byrne & Metahaven, Catherine de Smet, Emily McVarish

All Possible Futures accompanies an exhibition exploring speculative work by contemporary graphic designers. The scope encompasses everything from selfgenerated provocations, to experimental work created in parallel with client-based projects, to unique practices where commissions have been tackled with a level of critical investigation. The work highlights different levels of visibility and publicness within the graphic design process with a range of realised projects, failed proposals, sketches and incomplete thoughts

Real Estates: Life Without Debt
Edited by Fulcrum (Jack Self & Shumi Bose)

Contributions by Pier Vittorio Aureli, Neil Brenner, Mark Campbell, Mario Carpo,
Keller Easterling, Ross Exo Adams, Peer Illner, Sam Jacob, Roberta Marcaccio, Jack
Self, Brett Steele, Urban-Think Tank, Wouter Vanstiphout, Eyal Weizman, Finn Williams

Neoliberalism as a wealth redistribution imperative has made property ownership
impossible or unprofitable for much of society. Whether in the form of mortgages or rent, we are consigned to living in conditions of perpetual debt.

Real Estates: Life Without Debt explores the moral, political and economic ramifications of property and ownership in neoliberal debt economies, and asks what role architects play in the widening social and spatial inequality in the built environment.

Any Part, Any Form
Radim Peško

Any Part, Any Form is a follow-up to London-based graphic designer Radim Peško’s
Informal Meetings (Bedford Press, 2010), a collection of photographs made during
travels and wanderings to different places. In its any part and any form, this volume
brings back found compositions and situations where seemingly unremarkable encounters between space, architecture and water suggest their own stories.

Civic City Cahier 6:
Design In and Against the Neoliberal City
Jesko Fezer

Series edited by Jesko Fezer and Matthias G.rlich

Global cities have rested on the paradigm of market-driven development, and have
been interpreted as strategic spaces of neoliberal restructuring. Whilst they are now hit
by the crisis of this ideology, the situation also offers the opportunity and necessity to
imagine another, more social city. What is the role of design in the production of urban
space? Is it an element in the commodified colonisation of social spaces? Or are design
and the visual and physical representations of urban issues the key means by which
a Civic City may be created from the ideological ruins of existing urban spaces? Jesko Fezer argues for a project of accommodating conflicts by design.

Contestations: Learning From Critical Experiments in Education
Edited by Tim Ivison & Tom Vandeputte

Contributions by Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Sean Dockray, Jakob Jakobsen, Nils Norman,
Gregory Sholette and Ultra-red

Contestations brings together a range of artists, theorists and other practitioners to
consider the state of education and learning in light of political struggle, institutional
crisis and new media platforms. Focusing on creative experiments in education,
Contestations seeks to instigate a conversation about the future direction of education
that challenges existing academic models

All Possible Futures

Any Part Any Form

Civil City Cahier 6


Real Estates