AA Book 2014

AA Book 2014 offers an overview of the AA’s 2013 / 14 academic year. Accompanying
the school’s end-of-year show, the book features hundreds of drawings, models,
installations, photographs and other materials documenting the world’s most international and experimental school of architecture.

AA Agendas: Little Worlds
Edited by Natasha Sandmeier

Essays by Brett Steele, Christopher Pierce, Charles Ars.ne-Henry, Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange and a conversation with Madelon Vriesendorp

Little Worlds documents three years of conversations and projects in Diploma Unit
9’s ongoing enquiry into context. At a time when architecture is trying to redefine itself, the issue of context – how to collect it, make it, shape it, talk about it and enter one’s architecture within it – is more pressing than ever. The book pulls together a collection of unique and singular worlds that argue for a positioning of architecture not geographically, but set within a rich cultural context shaped by real histories and imagined futures. Little Worlds addresses a question all architects face at the beginning of their bright futures – how to shape an identity.

Pedro Ignacio Alonso & Hugo Palmarola

Although largely marginal in official accounts of modern architecture, during the second half of the twentieth century the development of large concrete panel systems was central to debates about architecture’s modernisation and industrialisation.

Distributed across cultural, geographical and political contexts, these systems produced more than 170 million apartments worldwide. This book focuses on a particular aspect of this history – systems exported from Soviet Russia into Cuba and then on to Chile in the 1960s and 1970s. Written from the point of view of the worker as much as the architect, and containing an incredible visual panoply of archival photographs, stills, cartoons, sketches and drawings, as well as oral histories from
its surviving protagonists, the book offers a portrait of an architectural and political
history whose constant symbolic and physical register is a concrete panel.

Architecture Words 11: The House of Light and Entropy
Alessandra Ponte

Formerly announced as Maps and Territories, this collection of essays written by
landscape historian Alessandra Ponte, begins with an investigation of the American
obsession with lawns and then continues to collectively map the aesthetic, scientific
and technological production of past and present North American landscapes. These
include the American desert as a privileged site of scientific and artistic testing; the faraway projects of electrification of the Canadian North; the history of the American lawn; the photographic medium and its encounters with Native Americans; as well as an introductory essay, ‘The Map and the Territory’, written specifically for this volume.

Third Natures
Cristina Diaz Moreno & Efren Garcia Grinda

Published in tandem with an exhibition of the same title at the AA School of Architecture in January 2014, Third Natures presents the work and ideas of Spanish architects Cristina Diaz Moreno and Efr.n Garcia Grinda and their Madrid-based studio AMID.cero9. The book itself has been conceived in the form of a micropedia and features a number of terms, among them Breathable, After Pop and Intentional Communities. Embedded into each alphabetic entry is an assortment of images –
some drawn from a wide spectrum of reference images, others deriving from specific projects by AMID.cero9. The result is a constellation of objects and ideas that in their form as much as content present an accumulative way of comprehending the world.

AA Files Conversations
Edited and with an introduction by Thomas Weaver

This volume – the first in an anticipated series of similar anthologies – collates conversations from the past ten issues of AA Files, the long-running journal published by the Architectural Association School of Architecture. It includes extended interviews with architects Fran.ois Dallegret, L.on Krier, John Winter, Mario Botta, John Frazer, Massimo Scolari, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Moshe Safdie, artists Richard Wentworth and Thomas Demand, filmmaker Sally Potter, philosopher Paul Virilio, historian Robin Middleton and photographers Tim Street-Porter and Hilla Becher.

AA Files 67

Features contributions by Richard Anderson, Mario Carpo, Will McLean, Paul Martin, Samantha Briggs, Thomas Hardy, Elisabetta Andreoli, Mari Lending, Peter Carl, Irena Murray, Andrea Fredericksen, Alex Schweder, Mark Swenarton, Thomas Weaver, Neave Brown, Henderson Downing, Wayne Daly, Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Elizabeth Wilson, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Josef Albers, Christine Hawley, Pierre Chabard, François Charbonnet and Mark Cousins.

AA Files 68

Features essays by the architect and critic Françoise Fromonot on the Villa Dall’Ava, the academic Vittoria di Palma on architecture and gastronomy, the writer Gillian Darley on John Summerson, the urban historian Elena Cogato-Lanza on Maurice Braillard, the French historian Nicolas Courtin on the Parisian Hôtel Particulier, architects Florian Beigel and Philip Christou on architectural translations, historian James D Graham on Le Corbusier and Eric Satie, and a conversation between Thomas Daniell and Arata Isozaki.

AA Book 2014

Little Worlds

House of Light and Entropy

Third Natures

AA Files Conversations

AA Files 67

AA Files 68