Gabriel Felmer Plominsky

Adaptive Urban Social Housing : free-running prototypes for different climates of Chile

Supervisors: Simos Yannas, Paula Cadima

The central problem addressed by this project is the fuel poverty and poor environmental conditions experienced by low-income groups in social housing around Santiago. The research investigates the parameters influencing the environ¬mental performance of social housing schemes with the aim of developing low-cost designs for achieving thermal comfort through passive means without the need for any additional sources of energy for space heating. The final outcome of the project will be a replicable housing prototype for different urban areas and climate regions of Chile.

Gabriel Felmer obtained his degree in architecture at the Universidad de Chile, where he conducted research on “urban eco-morphology” with an internship at the Ecole National d’Architecture Belleville, Paris. He currently has a Chilean government scholarship for his PhD studies at AA.