Francisca Aroso Pinto de Oliveira

Fabrication-based design of responsive transitional spaces

Supervisors: George Jeronimidis, Michael Weinstock

The design research focused on transitional spaces between buildings’ internal and external environments. New design paradigms were abstracted from biological models to inform the engineering and material organization of transitional zones. Digital design and fabrication techniques were combined to test material properties and enhance the performative capacity of the new system. Using a subtractive and formative machining process the properties of wood were manipulated to meet the desired performance criteria of light penetration, privacy and views. PhD Dissertation submitted for examination.

Francisca Aroso graduated from ESAP Oporto, holds a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture from IaaC+UPC Barcelona and is a registered architect in Portugal. She has worked in architectural firms in Portugal and Spain. She was a teaching assistant on Digital Fabrication Classes, Parametric Design Seminar and Digital Tectonics studio on the FabLab BCN at IaaC. She was a member of the curatorial team for the Full Print3d Exhibition at the DHUB Barcelona.