Costandis Kizis

Our Authentic Modernism: questioning
“Greekness” in the post-war modern architecture of Greece

Supervisors: Marina Lathouri, Socrates Georgiadis
The thesis focuses on modernism in Greece and the history of architectural debates on modernity and “Greekness.” In particular it examines the post-war alterations of the idea of Greekness, in modern architecture in Greece, by four paradigmatic cases. These are represented by four objects of research - a book, a building, a design office and a journal - that reflect distinct positions vis à vis the issue of Greekness. They consist of distinct “frames” of the same question, that aim in deconstructing some of the dominant myths and ideological constructions that have haunted the discourse on modernism in Greece.

Costandis Kizis (Athens, 1982) is an architect (NTUA 2006, with honours) and holds an MSc from Columbia University (2010). He has been practicing since 2006 at Kizis Architects. He has received awards in national and international architectural competitions. He teaches in the AA School’s HTS programme.