“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”
Jean-Luc Goddard

“The world is changing and information has become entertainment. Now the news is supposed to be as entertaining as going to the cinema. So the news has to have a logo and funny graphics, and a soundtrack to all that stuff. I bet you, if you sat down and plugged someone in, you’d find out that people are receiving entertainment fifty percent of their day, whether they were watching television or walking down the street looking up and billboards, or listening to the radio. The thing about this onslaught of entertainment is that, of course, it takes more blood now to really make people shiver, it takes bigger explosions, it takes more scandal, it absolutely has to be incest and fratricide to get people really going.”
Jodie Foster in interview with Mike Figgis for Projections

In these sessions we will make a 1500 frame animation using video technology. That’s 1 minute in real time. After looking at examples of animated work will we embark on an exploration of techniques and methods. Many examples of student work can be found at the URL’s below. No techniques are excluded but students must create their own soundtracks.

Video: First Year
Joel Newman
First Year - Autumn 2013

Alexander Ball

A Dog's Perspective

Ali El-Hashimi

One minute animation project

Ali Mirzaei


Ananya Nevatia

One minute animation project

Cho Ying Lydia Liu


Francesco Catemario Di Quadri

One minute animation

Esha Sikander

New York Video

Jaeseung Nam


Kevin See-Yat Leung

One minute animation project

Jeanne Sophie Charlotte Clerc

Paris to London

Irene Squilloni

My Family

Li Zhi Loh

Death By Jury

Lara Chamandi

Passport Photo Art

Jiehui Chen

This is Anti_War Satire

Mizue Katayama

Alice's World of Nonsense2

Russell Royer

One minute animation

Raphael Fogel

The Hut

Omer Hader


Yee Thong Chai

One minute animation project

Thao Phuong Nguyen

Where I Live

Sze Chai Marco Chui

One minute Animation

Thanas Aplikitsmai

Term One Animation