"I draw like other people bite their nails."
Pablo Picasso

"I'd always wanted to know the difference between a mark that was art & one that wasn't."
Roy Lichtenstein

Drawing well begins with seeing well. And, the most effective way to improve seeing is through language.

This course will be saturated with looking & drawing, & talking about both. We will manipulate line & tone as readily as we do words, as we nose around the range, complexity & expressiveness available through drawing.

Seeing Your Way to Draw
Anderson Inge
First Year - Autumn 2013

Drawing by Madalina Branisca

Drawing by Milivoje Sestovic

Drawing by Jeanne Sophie Charlotte Clerc

Drawing by Martina Bergamo

Drawing by Jane Horcajo Escanear

Drawing by Thanas Apilikitsmai

Drawing by Natacha Pradere

Drawing by Kyung Kuk Kang

Drawing by Kyung Kuk Kang

Drawing by Yuen Yi Elizabeth Low

Drawing by Omer Hadar

Drawing by Adolfo Del Valle Neira

Drawing by Francesco Catemario Di Quadri

Drawing by Mikolaj Robert Karczewski