Alternate Airscape of Commons. The fundamental element of air mediates us, intangible yet spatial. The Institutions of Albertopolis have controlled its environment we breathe as they contained the knowledge inward. The absurd precision in command for air has made the vigor of the back alleys ever more pervasive in the intellectual pursuit of departments. In between, the infrastructural exchange manipulates air into spaces that imagines the exceptional condition as occupy-able ducts and pipes.

Institutionalised Void

The interstitial space operates the spine of the institutions. Its imperative role is subverted into the back-lane where its condition is deemed unpleasant for the audiences.

Knowledge Expansion & Saturation

As the international forefront of Art and Science, the accretion and densification of buildings are the result of knowledge expansion and saturation. The problem arises in the lack of affiliations when individual institutions isolates its premise and specialisation.

Air Architecture

The fundamental element of air that mediates around us is approached as the physical construct of space by removing the canopy of umbrella, replacing with air. Here, a wider radius of shelter is achieved to extent the personal space in a raining condition.

Syzygy of Aerosol

The syzygy originally comes from astronomy and denotes the alignment of three celestial bodies in a straight line. In a pataphysical machine it is the pun. It describes a conjunction of things, something unexpected and serendipitous, similar to an event when two unrelated departments associates.

The Interstitial

Like the Tenement Blocks in New York, the unsightly interstitial spaces are highly improvised and charged. A social catalyst turning from drying laundry to makeshift balconies.

Alternate Airscape

This is the Alternate Airscape. Where ducting and pipe become occupy-able for the cross fertilisation of disciplines and knowledge.

Infrastructural Exchange / Commons

The moment when institutions collide create an absurd world of infrastructure where the exchange of air is also a social and spatial exchange.

Occupied Infrastructure

Exaggerated and disproportioned, the ducts weave into specific departments. The new network of programs become highly generic and open for improvisation.

Air / Space

The banal desk bound routine in the Finance Division turning towards the interstitial for a casual retreat.

A Section of an Exceptional Condition

Air, external or internal or between, intertwines as the knowledge contained within these programs and departments are freed to interact. The exceptional condition of air and knowledge is uncontrolled, unregulated and unrestricted.