The project ALCHYMIA LABORATORIES is interested on how culturing bacterium in Al(petri)opia can influence the design of laboratories in Albertopolis (South Kensington Museum District).

... and how this strategy will promote open ended research for curiosity-driven scientists.

- Dr. Frontini, Patarchiphysician

Al(petri)opia = Albertopolis + petri + utopia

Gathering samples of bacterium in different parts of South Kensington Museum district and breeding them in my lab for a few weeks. Depending on how many nutrients you apply to the petri dish it can affect the behaviour of the colonies, either they become more static or more competitive to gain territory. Al(petri)opia is the pataphysical device. The ideal universe that should be and could be. Where the maverick scientists can proliferate and be liberated from the institutions. Promoting curiosity-driven Science.

Study of poetic science through engravings, by Dr. Frontini

Speculations of Alchymia Laboratory:
- Dry point Etchings (on the left): demonstrating the scientists, the daughter cell and the laboratories operating within the Imperial College Site.
- Japanese Woodcuts (on the right): a timeline to show the log, stationary, exponential and lag phase of the cultures within Albertopolis.

Etching I: The Hearth and Void

The Daughter cell

When two mother cells (made of local timber) meet there is the birth of the new cell, the daughter cell. It is made of a different matter (i.e. stonemasonry, Shewanella Oneidensis, Void, Anechoic Chamber, Balcony...). We must not forget that the meeting space is the most important part of a laboratory.

The hearth, which is the fireplace, establishes a moment of togetherness and domesticity within the two laboratories.

The Void, will enable light and emptiness between two extremely busy and dark labs.

Etching II: Balcony and Chamber

The Daughter cell (continued)

The Anechoic Chamber, is the darkest and the most silent moment you will encounter between the two labs, where you can play music.

The Balcony, not only enables a staircase passage for circulation but also a balcony two see through the binary laboratories.

The Ubu Performance

Physical model of the two labs in collision.

Invisibility and Lievitation Laboratory

Parsons Satellite View

Albertopolis infected by Alchymia Laboratories proceeding in the next 6.311E+9 seconds (exactly 200 years until it reaches the lag phase).

Culturing and Dissection Operation

Blueprint of the four cultures and the daughter cells. The Queens Tower (in Dissection II) which is being misused today, once the settlement of the Alchymia laboratories, it will be back in function as a jet propulsion laboratory.

Through time, it will reach from the exponential to a critical phase, which is the death phase. Where reaches the insufficient amount of cultures for the laboratories to operate.

Planometric Projection

Technical detail of the Alchymia Laboratory infecting the Imperial College London Campus.

The Planck Club is back in situ, where it will promote defiant youth, irreverent researchers and liberated institutions proliferating within Albertopolis.

The Quasar Effect

The result of Alchymia Laboratories will not just promote the Planck Club for the maverick scientists but also the Quasar effect. Where will absorb all of the scientists of Imperial College (and other researchers) into Alchymia.