Scale of Life is the event I developed throughout the year. This event deals with the manifestation of death within the city. More in specific it consists of a journey along the Golden Horn River, Istanbul, where the customer together with his relatives will be taken through three specific moments: the preparation to death phase, the actual moment of death and the afterlife. Hence the legacy of the past away customer and his relatives. My interest was mainly focused on the preparation phase of the event, which consists of 12 different stations which try to represent the adequate atmosphere for the customer to complete his final tasks, such as: making amends, paying debts, body purification, final prayers...

Scale of Life

Score: [v.4] conceptual drawing through text representing the spatial context, community, legacy and time of the event.

Scale of Life

Score: [v.7] info graphic drawing through text and maps representing the spatial context, community, legacy, materiality and time of the event.

Floating Bunker

Exterior view of the Declaration of Faith Station emphasizing on the monumentality of the silhouette.

Paying Debts

Interior axonometric view emphasizing on the structure organization and materiality.

The Light of Debts

Exterior view of the Paying Debts station, emphasizing the importance of light within the station.

Corridor of Relief

Interior view of the journey the customer has to go through in order to reach the core.

Water Entrance

Exterior view of the customer's entrance by the river, Making Amends Station.

Floating Nest

Exterior view of the Body Purification Station: two different envelops make up the structure.

Viewing the Unseen

Customer's perspective while walking down the purification stairs. Materiality wise the customer is surrounded by two semi-transparent boundaries.

Viewing Eyup Cemetery

Plan view of the final station, a window to the afterlife.