The Art of Painsuring
I created a Tribe based on the massaging experience, which heals the body from the physical and emotional pain. Members of the Tribe experience a constant feeling of pain and pleasure. At the first you have a set of objects, 2 meters brushes with different surfaces that help you to massage your body. The movement of the cow, which is used to produce coconut oil, activates brushes. Oil is the essential part of the massaging experience, which is also used to increase level of pain and pleasure. The next stage is based on the experience of two people massaging each other as well as using surfaces of the walls. During the last stage a group of people simultaneously massaging each other and the building, where human body is forced to interact with the building. By blurring boundaries between architecture and human body, the building becomes an extension of the tribe.

Members of the Tribe

This Tribe is composed out of Three different levels.

Creation of the tattoo

Body research

Understanding human body through hand drawings.

Oil-making mashine

Traditional way of making coconut oil using cows in India.

Surfaces on the architectural elements

Devices and surfaces of each level

Scale explanation

From level one to level three you experiance massaging advises from a scale of an object to the scale of the building.


Decomposing a structure into different elements.

Plans of each level of the Tribe

Each Level of the Tribe positioned on the different levels of the ground.

Top View Plan

Top plan showing that the building is accessible from all the directions, and divided into four quarters, each of them has a specific surfaces.

Atmospheric Section