A variable time span representing the life expectancy of a typical human being in a particular era.

The project emphasises the idea of using the body as a vessel to send a message and processes it through the building in both directions. The tattoo was designed to express emotions through colours and aid in the process of self-therapy. The building forces the occupant to repeatedly enter the water to bring awareness on to your breathing and prepare you for your final task. The final task is then to committing yourself to it in a final eternal baptism.

This building-assisted therapy was created to confront our own sense of mortality. A landscape designed to be on the border between one world and the next. It begins at the end and ends at the beginning.

Emotional Language of the Tattoo

The tattoo is a powerful tool of communication without speaking. Displaying emotions through colours was a way to communicate feelings through a process of self therapy.

Full Body Mapping

The idea was to be able to design a full body tattoo and to understand how the human body looks when completely flattened. In animations and game we use UV Mapping to place skins and textures on objects.

Body Mapping and Tribe

Body Mapping and Tribe

Skin Collection

The site was very specific a Arvalem Waterfall in Goa. The river runs down a river and interacts with this barrier. The image shows the interaction between the removed skin in free flow and the solid fixed barrier.

RLAA - Interactive Barrier

Using the hydraulic force of the river to construct a structure around a barrier.

Hybridization of space

The activities of the existing site dictate the formation of the landscape under waterfall.


The project explains the process of leaving a memory behind . I wanted the building itself to reflect that. The script was written so that the barriers could be interactive, so that the building would be shaped by the activity within the landscape. The image shows the bi-product of interacting with the building using the Oculus Rift.

Skins Interacting with Landscape

The skins slowly building up on the barriers.

Section through the Landscape

The section is shown as a timeline. The tribesman returns to the building periodically and slowly traverses to the waterfall where the final act of washing is memories away takes place and the journey of the skin begins back down through the landscape.

Library Of Memories

The skins are farmed and framed on the structure of the building

Tattoo Station

Tattoo Station