The Earth Pioneers, a neo-nomadic tribe, follows James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis (being part of an interrelated whole). The tribe travels from mining complex to mining complex within the Mining Belt of Goa that is destroying the natural habitat and local communities as a result.

The rehabilitation of the mines is the crux of the tribe and begins through an awareness device being the 'Beacon Tower' which takes the user on a 'Grounding' journey. The journey includes a submergence into the soil itself, a series of earthing pods (provide mud baths with healing properties), a perilous climb to the tower peak and a final viewpoint at the pinnacle. All this to isolate the individual from the outer mine ion order to provide a fresh outlook on the devastation of the mines.

Earth Pioneer

Nail Attire

Beacon Tower

Tattoo/Scarring Gaia

Tribe Habitation

Ritual Journey

Ritual Journey: Underground Passage

Ritual Journey: Earthing Pods

Ritual Journey: Tower climb

Ritual Journey: Tower peak (clarity)