My project through the whole year is trying to explore aggregation in different scales . I think , in the process of aggregation , the contrast between the existing and addition can bring dramatic effect to the whole. if the aim of the unit is trying to explore A + B = C , then I prefer to say C = A+ + B+ , in the same time , I think aggregation is a repair or improvement of design ,which can bring the ideal model into reality .
My project is about to add (but physically substrate) rooms underneath Oxford Circus , making a contrast between the street level and underground traffic system, in the same time , bring camera obscura and periscope into rooms , let people observe and experiencing distinctive spaces in the same time .

The other project finish in term 1 is about to design a high-level constructed bridge over Morwell Street with 6 AA worktables , accessing the AA terrace and our unit space , in the design of the joint , explore the language - mending & patching as decoration .


I got inspiration form the drawing "garden of earthly delight", created contrast between the two spaces , the upground and underground .Besides , I think the plants are deformation of the pipes , through which , eyes in different spaces can observe other spaces .


I think the pipes have certain structural potential .I would like to construct a greenhouse on the terrace of AA by assembling these pipes .


After the unit trip , we decide to place the building on the terrace of AA as a process of aggregation .These are three types I picked from several possibilities ,since they have something in common ; for one thing , they all connect two spaces , for another thing , people in these building can observe specific things through the window because of arranged orientation.


As the continuation of the design , we would like to build a bridge over Morwell Street with 6 AA worktables . My duty is to design the joint of two tables . I have tried to design the joint as complex as I can , since I found there is some beauty in the excessive parts of the joint .


When I assembling the components of the joint ,I found there were lots of mistakes and errors in the design and manufacture process , i brought lots of metal pieces and patches to fix the model and to make it work ,I think this is aggregation , it is repair and improvement of the design , solving unexpected problem and bring the ideal model into reality .


I believe contrast can make a space interesting because people could notice one thing by comparing with opposite items .The contradiction will emphasise both the existing and the addition .So, if the aim of our unit is trying to explore aggregation as A + B = C , then I prefer to say that C = A+ + B+.


To make contrast , placing hollow spaces in the underground traffic system is meaningless . To arouse the senses of the people , my proposal is to create different methods through which people could observe and experience different spaces in the time and compare them .


These large-scale spaces compare the narrow spaces of pipes . Using camera obscura , it celebrates the space that we live in .


Everything in these spaces are reverse , the pipes become bridge , the dark become light .... it celebrates the external spaces of the pipes, people in these spaces can experiencing the delusion of walking in the earth.

Aggregation + Oxford Circus station