Derive Collage

A collection of images taken from a derive. The facades represent the back end of businesses. As such there's a distinct lack of sugar coating, consumer interfacing, or pleasantries.

Underbelly of the city

The Odeon Site sits on the corner of Grafton way and Tottenham Court road. For the past 50 years it lays dormant, forgotten, and sealed away from the public.

Celebration of nothing- legitimising the derelict

Odeon Site Elevations

Massing collage

The site will become home to a Proton Beam Therapy center. As a counter move to the official proposal, my project looked towards balancing the proposed designs with the preservation of the existing site.

Worms Eye perspective of the elevated Proton Beam Therapy Center

Sections of Revised proposal for Proton Beam Therapy center

Ballet school housed within the Odeon Site ruins

1:200 Model of insertion