The Finnish Oasis

Where once there was nothing, but the factory, in a landscape reaching out to the sea, the silo of this complex had a dominance over the area that surrounds it. Today all of that is gone, it has been immersed into cheap housing developments, completely diminished. What the Oasis seeks to achieve is nothing more than to bring back its importance in relation to the surrounding landscape and thus preserve it. This is achieved not so much as creating a clear physical boundary around it, but rather investigating the possibilities of defining a new space, and therefore environment, through something more intangible, as a climate.

Model of a fragment of the altered silo

The building becomes reinterpreted through the process of a mushroom creating its spore print, an initial experiment conducted on location with the purpose of remeasuring, in a non-conventional way, the silo.

*group work with Vasilisa Lucic

Ceramics in elevation

By looking at the composition at a smaller scale, the visible rain of spores has been developed as a three-dimensional surface, composed out of different modules, fabricated in ceramics.

*group work with Vasilisa Lucic

Exploded axonometry showing the different layers of the proposal

The buildings is composed out of four layers, each of them being directed towards one climatic element: while the envelope gathers the snow, the pipe system is in relation with the air, the vessels are light sources and the platforms allow access in water.

Model of a fragment of the building

Elevation showing the behavior of the structure

Even if in Finland half of the year is dominated by darkness, this is not always the case. Therefore the vessels do not need to always provide light, sometimes they function with a lower intensity.

Top view investigating the buildings relation to light conditions

Section through the landscape

During the winter the presence of this structure transforms the frozen landscape of Finland into one that is dominated by heat, light and mist spreading around.

Structural investigation of the building through a model

Axonometry showing the proposals relation to existing buildings

The proposal seeks to impose upon present conditions that diminish the importance of the silo. It acts as a parasite, taking away the fragments that are obstacles.

Plan of the larger site

The building first appears on the location of the silo, surrounding it, but gradually spreads, reoccupying the territory that once was part of the factory site. Its organisation is completely independent from existing conditions, it generates its own landscape.