Mock Finland Forest

In this Mock Finland Forest, it is where nature artificial and artificial nature is made, blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the natural. This ambiguous in-between creates a Wonderland in this artificially natural forest, in a three mile long line that connects Toppila to the heart of Oulu, passing through whatever lies in its way except for Aalto’s interventions in Oulu.

This proposal is based on a simple decision: to plant the beauty of the wilderness (Nellim) in Oulu (our very doors) to achieve the lingering ‘forest dream’ that Aalto is so fond of.

Forest Dreaming

A three mile long line, respecting Aalto's interventions and disrespecting the rest

Type Catalogue

Types, types and more types

Mock Turtle and its Soup Recipe

Lewis Carroll & Heston Blumenthal

Artificial vs Nature

1:75 - 1:200 - 1:500

Artificial vs Nature II


Welcome to Wonderland

Transition from elevation to section, technicolour to monochrome (death of watch sequence from Alice in Wonderland)

Horizontality vs Verticality