The project began with a very close collaboration with Radu Macovei. We began our trip in Oulu, Finland exploring and experimenting with Alvar Aalto's 1930 pulp mill -- in which today has been reduced to one silo which was once a chip container.

The design outcome of this project was based on a series of experiments and parameters which are; the experiment, the form, and the myth.

How it all began

A three-dimensional interpretation of the changes of temperature and humidity at the time when Aalto's Toppilla Pulp Mill was in use.

Forging the North and the South

Collecting two dimensional samples from the two sites we visited; Oulu and Nellim and forging them together as a parameter to designing

Deforming the Silo; Merger between the North and The South

Physical model of the three containers and the Silo

The three containers and the silo -- the three containers are dependant to the silo rendering it once again useful

Fight between the three containers

scan between flour and salt

An experiment using the three materials found in the myth; gold, flour and salt

Site Plan

Top View of the salt container and its vessels

The Dominating Salt Tower

Salt container in its activity