A single structure working for the collective.

Sao Paulo's transportation system is a reflection of the social inequality of the country. Transportation disconnection is an evident representation of division across the people living in the city. My intervention in the city is to create an intermodal hub that aims at using public and private transportation as an opportunity to create a possibility for social mixture. The design of the station aims indeed in creating a space where the ramps are an open continuation of the ground and offer a direct connection to all the entities without creating any distinct spacial division from the surrounding. Walls don't enclose a space but work as an extrusion of the paths of movement .creating

Social Maps

Analysis of the urban fabric
Mapping of the different social classes and social issues of the population

Bus Terminal Analysis

Analysis of the main bus terminals across the city and what is their relationship with the districts and the different social classes

Info-graphic Axo on site

Detailed investigation of the surrounding of my block

Social functioning of the station

Idealisation of the relationship between the people and the design of the block. The integration of different means of transport aims at creating a mixture of social classes

Exploded Axonometry

Decomposed analysis of all the entities that compose the block

Walls as a modification of the ground

Walls don't enclose a space but define it's boundaries.
The extension of the ground into the intersecting ramps creates a continuos whole space where the walls are just an extrusion of the paths of movement.

Hybridisation of multistory platforms

Top view of the station.
Visual integration of the roof with the underlying ramps.

Site model

Top view picture of the final model on site.
Materials : plaster for the site, card for the structure.
scale 1: 350

Transversal Perspective Section

Transversal section aims at showing the coexistence of the single entities in one single structure. A single building working for the collective. Everything lives under the same roof without spacial division.

Perspective view

View taken from the south east entrance of the station.
Wild nature hanging from the roof offers an opportunity of escape from the ordinary city ( concrete- as in materiality ) life of Sao Paulo. This contrast between the "hanging jungle" and the underlying ramps-structure aims in creating a space open for new possible social solutions.