Sao Paulo has expanded exponentially in the past century and in doing so the city centre was left to decay due to the migration of the wealth to the south west. The Paulistanos have left behind the 'urban artefacts' that hold the memories and identity of their city.
The interventions is an insertion into the system of public buildings. It stands in a physical central position to the initial settlement of the city. Its pure geometrical form contrasts with the activated ground floor from which its elevated. Its homogeneous perforated facade cut at 20 degree angles reveals the inside of the building as its approached. The building works in a system of three where the core directs the circulation towards the two program volumes.

Exploded Axonometric

Elements Analysis and Composition

Program Plans

Floor 1 - Floor 4

Historical City Center - Se

Recognising the public buildings in Se


Views from the block to the public buildings.

Final Model

Bottom Up Axonometric

Ground Floor Plan - Selective Details

Context related ground floor plan.


Light Analysis

Element Decomposition


Unfolded Section

Six part unfolded section through the main ramp.