My project is called Architectural Possibility Machine. It accelerates structural shifts, compresses the time frame of change in the ecology of the city to amplify urban conditions.

Architectural Possibility Machine

Architectural Possibility Machine is an attempt to form reconfigurable micro ecologies within the ever-changing fabric of the city. Urban change is inevitable, but it is happening slowly over time, the city renews it self over years and decades. I want to take it one step further, rapidly changing the physical environment in a matter of an hour or a minute.

Conceptual Diagram

I designed movable components that would accommodate for different possibilities, by moving the most desired programs up and down, according to the user trends during a week, a day or even an hour.

Conceptual Illustration

Modules slide vertically, creating different program combinations and spatial arrangements to accommodate the different trends in human behaviour.

Technical Section

The modules are powered by hydraulic pistons, they have a steel frame and come in 4 different sizes to accommodate different program types.

Reconfiguration Scenario

Different spatial combinations would occur by moving certain modules from their starting position, so looking at first floor level on site, and moving 22 modules across the site, will give you a new set of spatial arrangements.

Cluster Scenario

Focusing on one cluster over 7 levels, you can see how rapidly it changes if 3 of the modules are moved.

Evil Scientist

The central brain, could be an evil genius, using an attraction point (here represented by the cheese) to lure people in and make them stay longer by rapidly rearranging it self, creating a labyrinth of space pockets.

Aerial Connectivity to Site and Program Exploration

The machine modulates behaviour and circulation, filtering and drawing people in, creating buffer zones and overlapping areas.

Program Section

It can be an event planner, activating certain parts of the building for a wedding reception or a concert. Creating a field of different activity densities, where some parts of the building become idle.

Underground Rave

The underground levels hydraulic pistons form small and large pocket spaces used for intimate or public behaviour or an underground rave.

Conceptual Animation

This system allows for an ever-changing environment, creating fields of possibilities, from shopping streets during the most active hours, to small courtyards in between modules for afternoon tea. This system allows shifts to rapidly happen to amplify an urban condition at any given time.