A flat-pack deployable system that caters for transient movements in the city, tested in an living and event scenarios.


Analysing the actions and movements of squatters in Hackney Mare Street, research into the time based relationship that these people had with the city, how they adapted the space to suit their needs. It was the continual cycle of a regenerated of architectural space based on use that gave this model an interesting dynamic.

Standard Sheet

The sheet can form in order to create a plug in system.

City Conditions

The sheet system can create spaces in existing locations in the city in order to create commercial spaces.

Battersea Power Station Conditions

The sheet can configure to provide natural lighting in interior spaces.

Event Scenario

AA Graduation, the sheet can provide a retractable cover from bad weather during the ceremony.

Event Scenario

AA Graduation

Event Scenario

Dalton Street Feast, the sheets can provide a way to control the circulation of visitors as well as providing public and private spaces.

Event Scenario

Dalton Street Feast

Event Scenario

Frieze Art Fair, the sheet system can create segregated spaces for artists to display their works as well as how visitors move around the exhibition.

Event Scenario

Frieze Art Fair