The project proposes a new model for parks within London.

The model challenges the existing collection of parks in London – their privatization, discontinuity and flatness.

It attempts to achieve this through a series of constructed view corridors, topological surfaces, artificially- and technologically-driven natures and the deconstruction of existing structures attempting to provide an alternative way to view the cityscape at varying heights allowing people who inhabit these spaces to rethink the potentials of what a park can be in the city of London.

Axonometric of Nine Elm New Park

Park Plan

Park Elevation

Configuration/System of Park - Existing City as Constraints

Height Change in the Park - Vertical Grid Plane

Deconstruction of Battersea Power Station

Folies - Further Deconstruction of Battersea Power Station

Set of View Corridor Towards East London

Plan of View Corridors