The project is based upon the idea of the frame as a metaphor for aperture. The frame as the threshold between two experiences, that of illusion which it encloses & that of truth in which it lies. The objective of the project in all three scales, St Pauls, Paris & Hong Kong is to use the frame as a means of releasing one dimension into the other, establishing a fourth dimension where illusion & reality coincide. A fourth dimension, which within Hong Kong denies thresholds allowing for the city to collapse at the hands of the individual.

A London Narrative

An Unlayered St Pauls Narrative

Vestibule as the Frame between Exterior and Interior

Experiencing and Exterior

Illusion of Frame

Mirrors as a means of Expansion

Fragmenting Through Framing

Fragmenting through Framing

Walkway Illusion of Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 17

Micro and Macro Collapse