Project Last Ice is the last piece of iceberg on our earth, and having turned it into a ship, it will utilise a relay system in which surrounding water temperatures are sensed, and a series of lights in turn lighting up one by one indicating the temperature levels. This will in turn allow the icerberg-ship to evade dangerous incoming water temperatures to keep itself alive.

The taste of Kampong Cham is a floating kitchen bridge situated in a small town in Cambodia. Pressured by the new existence of a concrete bridge proposal, the floating bridge revolves around a relay system, in which a multiplier effect takes place - The larger the catch, the more kitchens opened, the increase in people, the further up the kitchen bridge they ascend. Taking advantage of it’s central location along the Mekong, a moment is created for meeting, activity and information in a location that never was.

Last Ice : Ice-berg Ship

This is the last piece of ice on earth, converted into a berg-ship to invade dangerous water temperatures.

Last Ice: Core Hand Drawing

This drawing shows the inner spaces of the berg-ship's core. Spaces are moulded around the core of the ship for the ship's visitors and workers to habitat.

Last Ice: Relay System

This image shows the prototype's relay system in action. As the surrounding water temperatures rise, the light proceeds brighter and further down towards the centre of the iceberg-ship.

Last Ice : Final Prototype

Taste of Kampong Cham: Developmental Ideas

This hand drawing is a developmental idea of the floating kitchen bridge. Close up and overall sections, plan and perspective views are combined in this drawing to show the activities happening aboard the bridge. Such include: fish farming, fishing, marketing, and dining.

Taste of Kampong Cham: Understanding the Surroundings

This key diagram helped define the final shape and purpose of the kitchen bridge. Many pathways would intersect at one point, and the kitchen bridge takes advantage of that location.

Taste of Kampong Cham: Weather and Sunshade Diagrams

These diagrams show the kitchen bridge under 3 different types of lighting. Morning, Noon and Evening. At these 3 points of time, the wind and shade is taken into account to help allocate specific activities, such as dining in the most shaded areas, and fishing/sunbathing in the most brightly lit areas.

Taste of Kampong Cham: Activity Plan

Activities are shown allocated on the plan here, floating and revolving around the central concrete kitchen embedded into the riverbed.

Taste of Kampong Cham