I wanted to bring the cinema goer and the bather together.
I desired for them to never been seen with each other but to meet at a mutual point.

The Screen.

The cinema goers will be watching while being watched.

The Cinema casts a quiet shadow…

A Bathing Space beneath Bloomsbury.

The Magician’s Nephew, C.S. Lewis

‘ “I believe I’m in water” said Diggory. “Or under water.” ... he found himself scrambling ashore, out on to smooth grassy ground at the edge of a pool...
neither dripping nor panting for breath as anyone would expect after being underwater
There were dozens of others - a pool every few yards as far as the eyes could reach.
This wood was very much alive.’


Cast Studies

Cinema - Street Level

Fragmented Stair Transfer


-3 Level Inspiration Extract

Pool 1

Spa Room 1

Pool 2

Bath x Cinema