Project as Mileage

Notice the dust on the hubcaps, bub.

The past has no power over the present moment.

Moving from doing to being and then to death.

From worker to observer to void.

Your fingers instead of your mind.

But how did I get here?

And you may tell yourself: this is not my beautiful house.

Forced into a situation that fits.

Beguiled by the 7 meter obelisk.

Mileage shows me how to go and go and go and go.

drawing: pencil, charcoal, acetone print

video: model made of plaster, photographs, wood, steel, acetone print, oil pastel, spray paint, healing gong music

drawing: charcoal

mix media: photograph, wax crayon, plaster model, chalk pastel, oil pastel

drawing: oil pastel

drawing: oil pastel

drawing: oil pastel, pencil, software

model: glazed earthenware, wood, 3D print, pigments

drawing: pencil, pencil crayon, wax crayon

drawing: pencil

drawing: oil pastel, chalk pastel