The difference between a big hotel and a grand hotel.

Giving the Grossinger's an infallible and unfalsifiable aura of grandeur.

"Once again everything was deserted in the immense hotel. Empty salons, corridors, salons, doors, doors, salons... Empty chairs, deep armchairs... Stairs, steps, steps, one after another... Glass objects, empty glasses..."

"I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."

"It’s all true. It’s all real. Nothing here is fake. Nothing you see on this show is fake. It’s merely controlled."

Section // Full Hotel

Facade detailing // Lobby

Spatial Diagram // Full Hotel

Served and Service Areas // Lobby

Served and Service Areas // Pool

Served and Service Areas // Rooms

Social Sphere // Pool Foyer

Served and Service Areas // Front Garden

Social Sphere // Actor/Guest Interaction

Served and Service Areas // Control Room