Borscht Belt today reminds very little or nothing of its glamorous past, the past full of pleasures in the wilderness and in the alluring interiors of the resorts.
The land that has been providing Jews living in NYC with a possibility of change from the everyday chores is now merely a collection of their experiences in the form of the landscape. Similarly the interiors of the resorts, as in the case of the Kutsher's Country Club, record what has declined through the objects scattered across them.

The existing interior is a landscape that records human activity and experience.

The project reimagines the Kutsher's Country Club as a retreat in which the relationship between the interior and the exterior (the nature) is inverted. The new interior is a manufactured nature, the space of seclusion from the outside, the space of introspection and the space of detachment.

Carpet Factory - Manufacturing Nature

Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello, NY

View Of The Interior - Landscape Reflection

The Secluded Space


Ground Level Plan Of The Retreat

Section Of The Retreat

Cross Section Of The Accommodation Tower

Moon-Viewing Room

Swimming Pool In The Bamboo Grove