The aim of the project was to bring the current condition of Kutsher's Country Club (the last standing resort of the Borscht Belt) into the city of New York in the form of a linear corridor running through the city streets and skyline. It would act as an escape from the city within the city, through dressing fragments of Manhattan as Kutsher's Country Club - making it a nostalgic experience of the heydays of the Catksill Region in upstate New York.

Aerial View - Bringing the renowned catskill landscape to Manhattan

Elevated Tennis Courts

Walking down West 27th Street - Directed through the city with carpet and nature

Rooftop Golf Course

Axonometric view accommodation on the High Line

Accomodation placed on the High Line

Kutshered pool in the Hudson

Exiting the Kutshered corridor onto Times Square

Overall Axonometric view of the Kutshered Manhattan Corridor

Photographs of Kutsher's Country Club