Home is transient

Compressing myself into a suitcase to symbolise the idea of a transient and temporary home.

Two sides of the body cast

Casting my body in a foetal position - the displacement of the body from the space it was encased in (a suitcase) - and creating a shell of myself.

Carrying my past

I carry my past around London.

Finding a home

The foam body is a metaphorical representation of myself. Here, I try to find a home for myself in the nooks and crannies of the city.

Plaster bed

Casting a bed on a staircase customised to the curvatures of my body

Transition between day and night

Abstracting my secret home from a site in the AA and showing its transition from a public space in the day and a private space at night.


Melding the walls, furnitures and the floor. When does a space stop being habitable?

A replica of the skin

Using latex to replicate the skin.

Exposing a layer of skin

Using makeup and latex to create a layer of skin, such that peeling off the top layer will expose a different skin tone.

Garment that demobilises the body

My garment connects my upper to my lower body and debilitates my movement to recreate my demobilised self post-injury.