Throughout this year, I found myself going back and back again to this idea of ephemerality.
I was, for instance very much fascinated by applying it to an interface or a space.
Working with elements as unpredictable as smoke, wind, or pneumatics.
It was really to try and explore this intimate relationship that is created with these inflated, soft, ephemeral spaces. The feeling of bonding with a space, both having something in common.

Resin CLoud cast

Resin cast experiment / freezing the ephemeral.


Draping the body with dry ice smoke.


Long exposure shot / Abstract wind visualisation.


Thin plastic membrane inflating with wind.

Wind Tunnel

25m x 3m wind tunnel / experimenting with wind trying to constrict its air flow.


Inhabiting ephemeral space.


Giving a sense of air pressure on the membrane of the pneumatical structure.

Plan inflatable-3

1:8 plan drawing of design proposal for pneumatical structure incorporating spaces for work, sleep and shower.


Reinterpreting the anchoring system for inflatable structures / imagining it on the inside / enables you to shape and mould your space by pulling the ropes.


1:8 Scale model of the proposal.