Throughout the whole year, performances have been taken places within my work in different ways, such as dancing, acting and live performing. Through these experiences, I then transferred them into models, drawings or photographs. Revealing the motion in space over time and condensing the full moment into a static form. In addition, interactions through social media or physical contact with people have also become a part of my work itself.

Cassette Tape

Cassette tape under intense light

Paper Model of Cassette Tape


A stop motion video showing how the food had prepared a breakfast for me before I woke up

Wind Experiment

A paper model that shows the positive volume of wind in an experiment

Hooke Park Installation

Laminated wood bridges that lie along the river

Bridging The Gap

A collage that shows the idea of bridging the gap between nature and city

"Make Up"

Self Portrait Series

Muscle Extension

A muscle extension garment based on social expectation towards masculinity

Standard of Beauty

Questioning people what is their standard of beauty through performing and social media


Looking for "beauty" under social expectation

Pop Spot

A stop motion video showing the dramatic scene of me popping a big spot the other day.