During the garment interface project, i was interested in the concept of "hacking" which involves taking ideas/parts from different garments to create a "hybrid". I thought of myself as a hybrid: Anisah = Muslim +African+ Western influence, and used these as a basis of creating hybrid garments with strong references from Hussein Chalayan, Nicholas Ghesquiere and Nick Cave.

Hijab with hair

Hijab (Islamic head scarf ) made with hair on top.
This provokes a conversation about the religious significance of a Hijab and questions the law on religious garments in France.

Tesco Hijab

Hijab made using Tesco nylon bags.
Its materiality mocks the sole purpose of a hijab and its value.
Tesco being a popular western brand represents the never ending tension between the Western world and Islam.


A Head-wrap made with continuous wrapping of cling film.
It is an ironic interpretation of both the religious and traditional importance of covering hair.

Face Niqab

This garment is made up of a hijab and a plaster mould of my face as a Niqab. A Niqab is an islamic garment which covers the face and hair showing only the eyes and is mostly worn by women voluntarily. This garment has generated media attention which i believe is unnecessary and its use is currently banned in France. I made my version of the Niqab this way to raise questions or comments about the french ban.

Final Garment

To conclude the project, being strongly inspired by Hussein Chalayan, i made a hybrid dress. It functions both as a hijab and a long dress. I chose the red & white stripe fabric to contrast the usual dull colours of niqab and burqa.

Hijab Dress

Back of the hijab dress

Hijab Dress2

Hijab Dress as a dress

Hijab Dress3

Back of Hijab Dress as a dress