Double-scaled room

The confusion in scale is created by the double-sized door and windows.

Low ceiling rooms

Series of study of perspective in a 2.2-metre high room (low ceiling) with hierarchy of experience in the space.
Unexpected results came out from the effort of remove the feeling of low ceiling

Reimagining AA's Computer Lab

For this brief, we design the AA backwards. Starting with my own logic of a room and how we allocate and position elements (door, window, column, ...) within a room, I have explored a lot of interesting spatial qualities of empty rooms. Then coming back to the program of the AA, I tried to apply program of computer lab to the room by furnishing it in different ways so the main concepts of my empty rooms are remained.

Studies of spatial organization

Spatial organization of horizonal, vertical and block circulation

Studies of spatial organization

Linear repetitive pattern of compact and opened spaces

Do not interfere my zone!

By compressing the front core part of the Vanna's House, including the key complex (stairs and chimney), I managed to push main circulation of the house forwards and leave more space for living area, without breaking any original concept of the building.

Cities of maze

Cities' pattern transforms for better and better maze structure
(Scale 1:2000)

Cities of maze

How the cities work in different stages
(Scale 1:500)

Cities of maze

A contrast between the narrow, compact streets and spacious, opened courtyards

Cities of maze

Section of the last stage of the transformation