My interests this year have been about the different experiences while moving through space and being stationary.

The Lunch Ceremonial

Plan, photograph, and text describing the function of the room.

Serving & Served

Eucharist, traffic police, parking lot; dictatorship and control of circulation

Re-imagining AA Cafeteria

Plan drawing of the reinterpretation of cafeteria, large enough to hold the whole school at once

Varying room qualities

Different table sizes belong to different spatial qualities; such as ceiling height, ceiling opening, and territorial volume

Serving area

Approaching the serving unit

On the roof

View restricted by large buildings, unable to see beyond the complex itself

In the tower

Condition within the tower

Different light & exposure condition on each floor, depending on the number of openings

Aquarium floor plan

Plan drawing indicating footpath circulating around and through the water tank

Structural model

Exposing the important structures, emphasizing on the enlarged metal cube which acts as the only support to this model