The unbearable lightness of being

Inside the viaduct.

Architectural elements

Sketches of 7 architectural elements (walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, columns and cores)


From the set "A room within a room", series of models with movable elements.

Circulation in the pancake (model)

The flat horizontal building is designed like a maze and intentionally gets the visitors lost. As they walk towards the middle the elements disappear starting from L shaped units to become walls to become arches to become pillars.

Facade of the block building

Each floor is composed by a series of L shaped units. As you walk towards the center of the building the elements disappear: first the solid walls, then the glass walls, then the doors and frames, then the pillars to finally get to the center where there is only a trace on the floor of where the unit should have been.


The viaduct is composed by a line of walls (facade) followed by 4 lines of pillars. The ceiling is supported by a series of beams that are placed on a grid and create arches.
The right part of the ceiling is composed by more beams to give more support where the train passes.

Second life for the viaduct

I imagined the viaduct to be inhabited by someone who travels a lot and does not necessarily have an attachment to any place. That is why there is no furniture or fixed element.
This lifestyle comes from the idea of lightness and recklessness.

The viaduct

Replacing a part of Brixton viaduct by a new version of a viaduct: the arches become walls to separate the street from the inside (Brixton market) and the opening are only 80cm, just enough to let someone through.

The Swimmer

Collage for a Lifestyle.
The title comes from the movie The Swimmer by Franck Perry and Sydney Pollack (1968) where the main character (Burt Lancaster) creates his way home by jogging from pool to pool to swim the whole neighbourhood.

The Essex Cinderella

How do you become part of the Essex tribe?
We analysed the rituals of this tribe and translated them into a series of moments in time and space to create an Essex masque. Made out of cotton candy the masque transforms you into Cinderella, looking impeccable when the night starts but everyone knows how Cinderella looks when the magic stops...