(v.) to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.


Defining the invisible line of central London. Borough - North Bromley

Tower, Block, Flat Horizontal / Cluster, Linear, Stacked

A building designed with three building types: tower, block and flat horizontal. Also using three spatial organisations: cluster, linear and stacked.

Alba's Mies

A stage of the Barcelona Pavilion. The view of the sculpture Alba, the ultimate inhabiter of this space.

Island, Bubble, Flying Carpet

My work area at home, draw in plan.

Double Vision

My re-imagined AA, using students private work spaces.

The Slabs

Diagram of mould, and doweling position for cast. Images of the final cast layers.


Triptych of textures surrounding the tower.


Image of final tower, and invitation to tower event.

City of Iterations

Axonometric drawings of spatial principle model iterations, creating a city.

Alba's Journey

Selection of twenty collages used to present my portfolio, through the story of Alba.