First Year Projects as Partition System

Story of Partition

Short film of Partition System

Partition System as My Posrtfolio

This is a partition system for post-disaster use in emergency site such as in a school gym.
It represents my First Year portfolio as it is designed by using ideas collected from all the First Year projects.

Partition Poster

How the partition prototype works

Thin v.s. Thick

Brief1 Reinterpreting Architecture

The Maison Citrohan by Le Corbusier was reinterpreted by emphasizing pilotis as the main element of the house, which represents a new lifestyle.

The final model was made as thin as possible by threads and hung in the air in order to show that the house is lifted to create a new ground level for humans and cars.


Brief2 Reimagining AA

New accessible AA was proposed as a glass transparent box with rooms attached to pentagonal courtyards so that it becomes more accessible within the AA as well as from the outside, while preserving privacy with less direct eye contact.

Movable Structure

Brief4 Urban Laws

City of Moving Rooms was designed in response to social issue Cairo City in Egypt had at that time, where people were restricted to go outside at night time due to its political conditions.

Movable corridors and rooms were inserted into a static city, which can then create semi-public spaces.

Story based

Brief5 Architectural Trailer

Dominika and myself created a combined architectural trailer of Brief4 Urban Laws.

We made a fictional story of a girl who finds a secret pathway from the City of Moving Rooms to Dominika's Garden of Festival, which locates at the other side of the world.

Unfold to 2D

Brief3 Spatial Organizations

A building was designed based on a folding idea, where the whole building was unfolded into a development plan, rooms and circulations were attached onto it, and then folded back to create 3D space.

1:2 Scale Partition Model

Photo of 1:2 Scale Partition Model, with foldable panels which contain each brief's idea and photos.

It is still a prototype, which requires more trials&errors..


(and it continues...)