Throughout the year I have been experimenting with different narratives, inspired by Super studio's 12 cautionary Tales. During the year Architecture has been fused with technology and surreality.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein

Plan & Sections

Model of the library / Reimagined AA

A monument to Capitalism

The monument itself is a enormous concrete dome (50 diameters wide and 28 meters tall) that spans over Oxford Circus and is dedicated to the people that are shopping in the area of Oxford Circus. Through the monument we want to emphasize Oxford Circus as a shopping district, turning an open and public space into a temple and sacred place. Eventually shopping, a mundane activity has been turned into sacred ritual.

Ideal city

A generic city that is based on density.

Future city / Manhattan

Through new super materials in this case Aerogel the skeleton of the city is altered. Aerogel is a material that is almost see through. The layers of office blocks shows the density of the city through different gradients in opacity.

Construction progress

A cautionary Tale. The Nova Tribe

The city consists of two extremes, highly exposed spaces where public activities take place and isolated spaces that are only used for dreaming.Learning the purpose of existence only to be the ability of lucid dreaming. This is the state where one is in complete control of their dreams. The activity occurs in concrete cells under strong sedatives. While in the state of lucid dreaming, no food or any other sources are consumed. The lack of nutrition leads finally leads to death.

Interior space

Everyday activities of a monk

Visual relationships

The city itself consists of different groups of people (tribes). Each group has their own space and territory that is defined by the visual relationships between the existing groups and their arrangement in relation to each other. If a visual connection between spaces of different tribes is established, there is a transformation of these spaces, which are to metamorphose into concrete rooms, eliminating the previous spatial configuration as individual elements.


This drawing is a representation of an inhabitant's dream