Fragmentation and division are elemental characteristics in architecture.
Driven by a parallel narrative of spatial experience and intuitive block construction, a diptych defines the learning process and outcomes of this year.
White derived from thought through iterations, colour pushed by impulsive cognition and perception.
Methodological models, drawings and visual essays, stand against collages, 1:1 experiments and videos, pushing the boundaries of representation and creating my own dossier of personal selection in both selection and creation of space.

Visual Essay Extract

Using the elements of distance, framing and ambiguity; the essay narrates the movement through a kitchen when making coffee.

Cutting list for human body supported chair

Made up of cardboard and MDF, the chair combines the ideals of Hi-Lo, where high technology combines with low-cost materials to create a chair in accordance to need.
Each row represents a chair that embodies an individual space in the AA.

Detail of Chair Leg

Making Mies Ugly

Using the windows and circulation system of the Mirador by MVRDV, the iconic modernist Seagram building is pushed from its aesthetic elements and distorted.

New Westminster

Using elements of the Mirador and the Seagram building, a new proposal for Westminster Bridge in the form of a collage is made.

Among Other Stories Garden

Collage representing the programatic garden inspired by the death culture of the Tana Toraja in South, Sulawesi.

Garden Map

Opened-up map with the explanation of the different pavilions and the annual program of the Garden.

Reimagined AA

From left (top row): Basement- Canteen and services; Lecture Hall; First Year and Intermediate; Library; Gallery, Bar, Bookshop and Supplies shop; Diploma, and Workshop.

North, South, East and West elevations, bottom row.


In collaboration with Chiyan Ho.
As a triptych in one, only already existing footage is used. Using the date of publication or member of the video (director/subject), three videos are selected, one for each condition of the garden, and opposing behaviours in terms of social behaviour inside the media.
There is also a gap between the narrative of the image, contrasting the narrative of the sound. This void between the video and sound is the architecture that is a stance between the coexistence, while completely contrasting behaviours of a society.