How to be an Alien

Goggle hat for avoiding eye contacts with human beings,
costume for communicating with new language

Recreating Bedford Square: Phase II


Second phase when everyone is given the same amount of space to work in Bedford Square.

Second Life to Viaduct


Imagining what could happen inside the cylinders (columns of the viaduct)

viaduct in a town

how the newly replaced viaduct can change the site.

Data Speed Zones

brief 6

Super Future City
Scenario: "Data as religion", different time zones according to the proximity to the data centre.

data speed zones 1:100

people living in slightly different time zones

data speed zones 1:500

the city on scale 1:500

Recreating Bedford Square: Phase I

People's first reaction to the new rule: the same amount of space to work for everyone

result: space not being used efficiently

Natural City

Cities that have grown naturally without master plans.
Things are more in multi-use.

London as a group of smaller towns

London as a towncity