modular architecture, each module for an individual, many modules make up the entire form

in the forms s, m, l, xl

s- as a piece of flat packed furniture
m- as a circulatory route of an individual through a residential house
l- 3 building blocks which make up an entire monster complex
xl- a commentary of the tension that exists between the individual and the city of monuments the individual exists in.

brochure size L

for commercial complexes, ABC modules can be configured to create different spatial organisations.

brochure size m

for residential buildings, modules can be configured to create different circulation routes.

synecdoche city

A city where an individual inhabiting and moving within alternates between structural perspective (god perspective) and phenomenological visual perspective (normal perspective).

brochure layouts size s

for flat pack furniture.

city iterations

different cities which show how modules are plugged into monuments or vice versa.

museum island


basement exposed

monument to remember

moving through size l building