The city of endless possibilities

Having the city of Beijing as key study and aiming to create an environment that could suits the pleasure of different individuals, an analysis of the shape, the history and the structure of the existing has been fundamental to find the key points from which the new city could born. As Beijing, ‘the city of endless possibilities’ is organized in a grid, that creates blocks of 0,7 km, and is crossed by the two orthogonal axis, thought as linear parks. In order to create an environment with a wide range of possibilities to chose where to live, each block has been organized in four different interactions, taken from four existing Chinese cities. A space with old Chinese courtyards appears next to a group of high-rise apartments, private and silent zones with big gardens become the neighbours of highly designed areas full of towers.
The only matter is chose where to live!

Normal Density Configuration

The drawing shows a 1:5000 axo of the city in its normal density.

Low Density Configuration

In its low density configuration the city has been eaten by the nature that gains space from the corners.

High density Configuration

In its high density configuration a mountain appears on one of the axis. It is a fake mountain made by a module of apartments that as been copy paste. The holes let the mountain be felt as a new layer for the city and not as a barrier.

Chinese Apartment

One of the apartment of the city is the Chinese courtyard, made by the main rooms facing north-south and the side rooms. The internal part of the house represents the most important area, while the external ones have been shrinked to tiny pathways.

High-Rise Apartment

A second type of apartment id the high-rise one, made by blocks of 20 by 40 metres, two apartments for floor, three or four floors for blocks. The plan follows the Chinese tradition of having the kitchen and the living room facing the south and the night zone on the other part of the apartment.

The Apartment on the Mountain

The same type of high-rise apartment used for the previous blocks has been placed in this case inside the modules that create the fake mountain. The aim was the creation of something new starting with something old, and to analyse how the perception of the space change according to the position in which you find yourself.

Image One

The perspective shows the fake mountain in the space.

Image Two

The drawing shows the possible view that individual living in a Chinese courtyard can have when looking at the mountain.

Image Three

The drawing as been made to analyse how the fake mountain can appear with a traditional Chinese landscape view.

The City inside a City

The drawing shows a new arrangement of the city on a platform that represents the entrance of an other city which is visible on the right corner.