Producing 3D Music

One of the requirements of this project was to use copyright-free audio, luckily, in my free time I produce music and this gave the project extra enthusiasm. therefore took advantage of this. This is an animation comprised of over 1200 pictures and 56 wooden pieces synchronised to all the instruments in the audio track produced for the video.

Redesigning the London Bridge

With the combination of CCTV Tower by OMA and Unite dHabitation by Le Corbusier, here is a new London Bridge, treating the river as an exhibition space.

The House of Elevations

Combining the procedures of fattening and thinning the volumes of the house while preserving the elements of the original facade throughout, is a house of elevations comprising of a large volume made of thinner slices.

Infinite Combination of Audience Tiles

A repetitive combination exemplifying the infinite possibilities of the combination of these tiles to create audience spaces changing the relationship between the speaker and the audience. Each grey dot is a person.

Spatial Organizations

Through a Tower, Block and Slab the spatial organisations (peripheral, network and volumetric) are carried out through the definition of a central point in the cross of the plan, a point of reference through which one must always walk through in order to reach a space.

Preserving the Horizon - Office Building Section

The objective of this city is to provide an alternative to the vast nature-disrupting cities covering the surface of the earth. Therefore, this city sees to build underground at an angle, preserving the horizontal horizon.

Preserving the Horizon - Topography

None, mild and severe topography displayed with three different buildings; the Office Building (deeper as it is more impersonal and necessitates less light), the Residential Building (shallower and less dense as it needs more light and comfortable living space) and the Leisure Centre (almost on the surface providing the comfort of outdoor conditions for activities in door as well). Not shown here is the Storage Building which is deep underground.

Preserving the Horizon - Topography 2

Exemplary image of the underground city, in this case two Office Buildings. All building possess of an extension which allows them to adapt to the topographical line of their context.

A 3D Knot House

This is a 3 Dimensional Single-Crossed Carrick Knot divided into modular cubes 3x3x3 meters. These construct a permanent sequence of space, whereby one must enter the neighbours room in order to reach the desired space, or go the other way around 45 other rooms.

A 3D Knot House - Exploded Circulation

An exploded view on the circulation of the knot.