iFluid's proposal is a campus for the highly creative corporate company. Through the development of a semiological field that challenges the conventional
office environment, we have attempted to install a dynamism into architecture through communicative, agent-based systems. The campus is articulated through communal interactions that facilitate a relationship between users & space as a system of signification. We have adopted open-ended strategies of networking & layering for a self-organised office structure. Simple but complex & dynamic relationships are the primary characteristics & constraints of the proposal. The spatial layout of the project is generated within a semiological field through the introduction of patterns of communication as a means to
articulate & navigate the positioning of furniture, employees & circulation. These articulated fields have a behavioural relationship within the office environment that is based on the life-cycle of the campus. Communal areas act as trigger points for the generation of these patterns. Shell structures are further articulated in order to enhance the reading of programmatic behavioural relationships between different departments. Furniture & partition walls are designed as a dynamic/reconfigurable system that facilitate changes in terms of occupancy & use, addressing the working environment on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Project Name:

Patrik Schumacher

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Team members:
Vandana Goyal (India), Julian Lin (China), Xiaoyu Zhang (China)

Pierandrea Angius

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material experiment

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