/Circus of 9 Intelligence

/The project deals with raising environmental awareness through an event that travels around the Mediterranean. The event acts as an educational platform for visitors gives activists a chance to meet, network, swap ideas, and build a community in order to address effectively local environmental issues.

/The event takes up real space real time, attaching the local issues to real faces voices who care enough about the cause to go out there act. The purpose is to create new “green thinkers” that understand their responsibility of the current environmental conditions their individual share, while giving veteran activists a second wind, which is just as helpful to the cause.

/Embracing the educational theory of 9 Intelligence, developed by Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, the aim of the event is to activate people's 9 intelligence towards environmental issues, creating environmentally conscious minds.

/The event’s 9 stages of intelligence occupy the city it visits in a distributed way, taking the form of urban interventions that create a network of triggers for the citizens. These are integrated within the urban fabric of the city so that the citizen becomes naturally the visitor of the event.

/Sensibilizing people before they reach the main area of the event, the activists point, is important in order to extend their empathy to environmental actions, as the aim is to empower activism and volunteering in numbers, boosting each community’s activist groups.

/Being alerted as an individual is what the circus of 9 intelligence is all about as active minds with shifted consciousness towards the Biosphere is the first step to see any change in the global warming picture.

/Naturalistic Intelligence

/a space where people experience an augmenetd reality of nature

/Logical Intelligence

/a strategic game where visitors designing their own sustainable environment

/Spatial Intelligence

/interactive walls where visitors are informed on local environmental issues

/Linguistic Intelligence

/an urban bulletin where people leave their thoughts and achievements

/Interpersonal Intelligence

/an interactive platform where the sub-stages are lightened up and lifted when people talk

/Bodily Intelligence

/an interactive arena where visitors create their own energy

/Musical Intelligence

/a musical corridor where the altered sounds of Earth are experienced

/Intrapersonal Intelligence

/a place of silence for self-evaluation

/Existential Intelligence

/a mirror room where the visitor is merged with infinity

/Curating the event within the city

/integrating the 9 stages of intelligence within the urban fabric of the city so that the citizen becomes naturally the visitor of the event.